The dental industry has invested some of the large amounts of money they make from you and me in presenting themselves in a new light. Understandably, they have looked at the unpalatable parts of their profession and attempted to neutralise these in the eyes of the public. Where pain and extreme physical discomfort once lived unvarnished within their surgeries and clinics, these aspects are hidden behind artifice and technologies. In fact, children’s dentistry is now as cool as children’s fashion in the minds of some folk. Interior decoration can disguise danger away from the eyes of children.


Distractions Can Turn Attention from Pain to Games


Indeed, distractions can turn the attention of the young from pain to games. There are children’s dentists like this one turning a terrible trip to the dentist into a carefully screened experience of a more pleasant kind. Parents are thankful that the dentist of yore, with his disinfectant taint and blood-spattered white smock is no more. I remember my own time in the torturer’ s chair as a wee child having four teeth pulled out with pliers to make room in my jaw. Is it any wonder that I turned out the way I am with deeply disturbed tendencies just below the surface?


Murals on the Walls & More


Whether a few murals on the walls would have made my horrific experiences more amenable I cannot say. The extra-large stainless-steel syringes stabbing deep into my gums and jaw will stay with me forever more. However, children’s dentistry is now as cool as children’s fashion and that means something to a section of our society, apparently. How things are presented in life can make a big difference to how they are received. Making a trip to the dentist fashionable, fun and cool is a considerable achievement for all those involved in the dissimulation.


The world has changed, and this global pandemic has accelerated those changes. In fact, now that dentists have embraced advanced web design the sky is the limit when it comes to the wonders of modern dentistry. Of course, as parents you are managing your kids’ social media activities and this puts you in the driver’s seat for so much more. The digital realm is fast replacing much of what we once called the real world. Digital is safer, especially from this virus and opens up a vast cornucopia of opportunities and stimulation for your child in the 21C.