It is proven and tested that when we meet a person for the first time, most people’s first impression is about the looks. Personality, brain, and the character of the individual will just come next. Oftentimes, the face is the key to gauge someone’s appearance. So how do people regard one’s face appealing?

In most cultures, symmetric faces are regarded as more beautiful than asymmetric faces which are common among beautiful people around the world. Proportional facial features are said to be a sign of good genes and the main reason why some people are more attractive than others. Having such qualities enable these individuals to build friendship easily, get better treatment and attention, and tons of opportunities to succeed. As a result, more and more people are motivated to undergo various kinds of beauty restorations, such as plastic surgery, skin whitening, and dental operations that can totally change the entire face. A common oral service is the teeth straightening that requires patients to wear either metal-type or clear braces. Some may find wearing metal distracting, so a lot would go for clear ones which can really make a big difference to one’s face. Click here for further information on invisible braces.

Imperfect Beauties: How Modelling Has Changed for The Better

On the other hand, some have argued that it is not always the case. Beauty does not always signify perfection. There is always a charm in every flaw. It is something that sets someone from the rest. Thus, making each and every one unique and distinguishable.

Take for example, in the field of modelling. It used to rely on slender, pretty models and it is everybody’s knowledge that with great looks come promising career. However, in recent years, a new beauty trend is circulating in the fashion world.  Models start to portray realistic aesthetic standards which are shown in a number of campaigns, adverts, and fashion shows. These imperfect models break all the stereotypes that only those with great figures and flawless, beautiful faces can dominate the market. This change has gathered admiration from people across the world and has inspired the fashion industry to continuously celebrate the beauty in imperfection.

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