I suspect those homeowners who choose to have their kitchens decorated all white, don’t actually do much cooking in them. There are many folks who are more concerned with living in a display facility than a real home. The uber, all white, kitchen is a prime example of this exhibitionism made manifest. White kitchens are, obviously, not practical, unless you are Johnny Depp in Alice in Wonder Land. The cold heart of your home, would only be suitable for reheating TV dinners in the microwave. One cannot see Po strutting her chunky stuff in an all-white kitchen; even Pauline Hanson would be hard pressed to dish up fish and chips in this pristine parlour.

Kitchen Fashions In 2017: Never Go All White!

Forget that queen and all those sticky fingers from bread and honey, not in an all-white kitchen. Cooking is an earthy pursuit, more suited to an Indian bare earth floor. Frying chapattis with no fear of oil splashes from the hot ghee. When you think about what happens to a white kitchen apron and uniform, you do not want to expand that concept to cover your entire kitchen surface. Think of all the scratches, stains and spills over time.

Kitchen fashions come and go, like the cyclical nature of fashion itself. Australian ideas lean more toward natural stone and timber finishes for kitchens in homes in 2017.  The stainless steel industrial look is starting to lose its appeal at last, as people begin to tire of the reality TV cooking and restaurant shows. The kitchen is the centre of the domestic universe, do you really want hard and cold surfaces at the heart of your house or apartment? Food is nurturing and you want a suitably nurturing facility in which to prepare your daily repasts.

Nuns and nurses wear all white. Do you want your kitchen to be a sanctified, hospital like space in your home? Too much Spray and Wipe can poison your life. We all need a few good germs in our guts. Don’t bleach out your existence. Don’t believe the ads you watch on TV, they are only trying to sell more cleaning products. Soap operas, remember how they started on the radio and, then, on the idiot box. Get real with your kitchen design and décor, give all white the flick. Don’t be one of those people who live in a display village home all their life; don’t put your family through it!